The story of digital asset ownership is not one that many people know of. Where do you keep that spreadsheet record of all that you own and where it is. The bank accounts, the pensions, the insurance policies, the warranties, etc. If you are over 70 this is probably a neatly handwritten sheet securely filed away in the cabinet behind the chaise longue in your living room. Skip forward a few generations to the live fast and be global types, those who have started to wholeheartedly embrace the modern wonder that is cloud computing. Your life stored on someone else’s servers. You’d be surprised to find out that in most cases you do not really own your digital assets and when you pass away, these do not become the instant property of the beneficiaries of your Will. They remain in the custody of the service provider in question. Your Facebook and Twitter feed, Instagram photos etc… will not get passed down.

So back to that spreadsheet. Where is it? Maybe on Dropbox? If you look at Dropbox’s term they have an automatic account deletion procedure triggered after 90 days of inactive use.

Where is that spreadsheet now then? Obviously not with you executor or beneficiaries. Make the life of your loved ones easy when you pass away – put it on eWill.

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