Is the eWillTM a legally valid Will?
Yes. As long as you have followed the rules and guidance provided in the eWillTM application and you have indicated an Executor, a minimum of two Witnesses (who do not benefit from the Will) and the actual Will is printed and signed with the Witnesses in attendance, the eWillTM is a legally valid last Will and Testament in England.

Can I also get this reviewed by a lawyer?
We have national law firms as partners that can consult with you on the eWillTM that you generate through our system should you have complex asset ownership or simply wish to meet with a lawyer face to face. There is an additional cost for the consultation and this is clearly shown on the Pricing section of the website.

Is this only for England?
Yes. At present the product is only meant for England. Should you reside elsewhere in the UK or the world please reach out to us at support@assetvault.co and to explore connecting you with our legal partners in other jurisdictions.

What if I have assets in other countries?
Its highly likely that you will need to have made Wills for the other countries that your assets are present in. Please make sure that you speak to an expert (local to the jurisdiction) to discuss this further. At present our partners can support a number of countries around the world.

How much does a eWillTM cost?
This depends on the kind of Will that you are signing up for. Please refer to the Pricing section for detailed information.

Can I buy the eWillTM at a discount if I have a Coupon or Discount Code?
Absolutely. From time to time we run various campaigns that can make it even cheaper to make the right Will for you. Look out for seasonal offers and sign up to our newsletter. Please note that most discount codes have a validity period and do expire at a particular point. Should yours have expired please do reach out at support@assetvault.co with the previous code handy and we can help make the process cheaper again.

Why do you offer an in-application Video service inside the eWillTM?
We believe it’s important to have video testimony that helps confirm and corroborate your wishes should they be contentious. We also recommend this should the Testator (person making the Will) is above the age of 65 the video evidence can help in probate court supporting the last wishes of the Testator.

Do you offer a concierge service?
Yes we do! Should you need help with cataloguing your estate we can help you with that. Please reach out to us at support@assetvault.co. Please also note that the concierge service is an additional cost.

I have a long term partner, would each of us need to make a separate simple eWillTM
Not necessarily,  you could also make it easier by using our Mirror Will service which is ideally suited to civil partners, cohabiting or married couples. The Mirror Will service creates a duplicate Will that can then be amended further by each of the testators.

Do I need to store the Will once it has been signed? 
Yes, it is recommended that a hard copy is stored at a safe location of your choice. However, with the eWillTM, your chosen executor(s) will receive an email about actions to perform in case of a life event. They must provide a copy of the death certificate in order to access a mini portal where they can then access the eWillTM and beneficiaries.

How do I update my eWillTM
Updating your Will is easy, you simply log back in and log new assets to assign beneficiaries to them. For larger changes such as adding a new dependent, there is a small fee involved. Just ensure that you have printed and signed the Will in-front of witnesses.

Who can be the executor or witnesses? 
The executor is often a solicitor or even a beneficiary such as a Wife or Sibling. The witnesses can be friends or neighbors for example, but cannot be a named beneficiary of the estate.

How old do you have to be to make an eWillTM
You must be over the age of 18 to make any will, including the eWillTM.

I am married, would each of us need to make a separate eWillTM
Yes. We recommend you make two separate Wills. We do not offer a Mirror Will at present.

Can I arrange to have two or more executors act jointly to administer my estate instead of one acting on their own?
Yes. You have an opportunity in Section 4 “Your Wishes” to outline any additional wishes you may have, including instructions regarding how your executors should operate.

Can I add an additional set of beneficiaries should the ones I have nominated not outlive me?
Yes. You can name reserve beneficiaries in Section 4 “Your Wishes” who would inherit if all the previously named residual beneficiaries do not survive you.

When I list my assets do I include things I own jointly with someone else?
You should list all assets you fully or partly own but it is important to indicate if the assets are owned “jointly” (co-mingled together, like a joint chequing account) or held  “in common” (with a definitive percentage ownership) with someone else.

What are the limitations of your product?
We have taken every care to make sure that our eWill product helps as many customers as possible. However, as there may be a huge number of customer scenarios in England and Wales, some functionality is missing for specific customer scenarios. We have listed the following limitations of our product.

1.  Couple: We cannot help you make Mirror Wills. You will have to make two separate Wills.
2.  Residuary estate:
  a.  You will NOT be able to appoint Alternative and Reserve beneficiaries of the residuary estate if your primary beneficiaries are not available. For example, if your first list of beneficiaries pass away before you then who would you want the residuary estate to pass to. It will be bequeathed to the dependants of the passed away beneficiary.
  b.  You will NOT be able to distribute the residuary estate to various beneficiaries on a percentage basis. At present, the residuary estate will be split equally across all the people you nominate.
  c.  You will NOT be able to indicate if you want the current or future children of beneficiaries to be able to inherit should the beneficiary die before you (testator).
3.  England and Wales only: Our Will shall affect only your property of every kind in England and Wales and no other part of your property of any kind outside England and Wales. For example, if you have property in England and Wales and India, you will need a separate Will for the property in India. 4.  Executors:
  a. You cannot appoint joint executors at present. You can appoint a maximum of four executors, however, only one person can act as an Executor at a time.
5.  Video letter of wishes: We enable you to record a video letter of wishes for your executor. However, you need to send this video to your executor yourself. The product does not do this automatically.
6. Assets (Under different name): Please note that if you hold assets under any other name, this does not support it.