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What is an eWillTM?

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An eWillTM is the modern day equivalent of your traditional Will and testament. We put you in control by allowing you to create a Will when and where it is most convenient for you. The whole process can take under 30 minutes.

In order to make your eWillTM, you will need to input a few key details about whom you would like to appoint as your executor and witnesses. If you have children, you can also choose to appoint a guardian in your Will. You can then list your assets with their rightful beneficiaries and you can even record a video message which would be accessible to the loved ones of your choice for closure and to potentially make your last wishes more defensible.

You have the choice between a simple Will and a mirror Will (ideally suited to married couples, cohabiting or civil partners) making estate planning easier. Having an electronic record of your Will means you never have to worry about misplacing or damaging these documents again. Rest assured that your eWillTM is protected in a highly secure and encrypted system that only YOU have access to at all times. With an eWill, making changes to your Will is easy. You can quickly update your Will at any time with a few clicks, remember that it will need to be signed and witnessed in order to be legally binding. This means it will be easier to stay on top of important changes in your life such as a new child, change in marital status and the inclusion of new (dependents) without the worry of spending hours at the lawyer’s office. Goodbye office hours – hello eWillTM.

Dependant: A dependant is a person who is dependent on someone else. (For example, a child is dependent on its parents. Therefore, a child is a dependant of its parents.)

Why Make an eWillTM?

Legally Valid

Created by lawyers and customisable for you.


Fully encrypted with bank grade security.


Lasting peace of mind in 30 mins or less.

Save Money

Understand the total value of your estate and minimize unplanned tax liability.

Prevent Disputes

Clear asset allocation to avoid misunderstanding and conflict amongst those you love.

Anytime, Anywhere

Goodbye office hours, make your Will at your convenience.

The Process

A few simple steps and your eWill™ is ready

List of Executors Witnesses & Guardians

List your Executors, Witnesses & Guardians


List your Beneficiaries


Decide who gets which assets

video message

Leave a video message

Sign in front of witnesses


Scan and upload the signed copy for safekeeping

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Simple Will
(Perfect for individuals)


A few simple steps to make a
simple Will for an individual.



  • Free minor change at any time
  • One-off payment

Changes To Existing Will
(Major changes)


A one-off payment to make a major change such
as adding/removing a beneficiary.


  • Unlimited major changes to any Will

Simple eWillTM + review by




  • Free minor changes at any time
  • One-off payment
  • Review in person with a trusted lawyer from one of our legal partners

Changes to your eWillTM + review by lawyer




  • Unlimited major changes to any Will
  • Review in person of updated Will with a trusted lawyer from one of our legal partners

Should you also wish to consult a lawyer in person, we can help facilitate that for you with one of our partners.

About Us

We are an award winning UK based startup looking to change the way people protect and manage their assets today and tomorrow. Born in 2016 we are bringing an entirely new way of approaching financial wellness through effective estate planning. AssetVault is the company behind the eWillTM product. A new market standard for the creation of digital Wills. Our seasoned team of financial services experts are a part of the FCA Sandbox Cohort II and have some of the world’s top investors backing the venture from across insurance, banking and Fintech.

Based in Shoreditch (where else would we be but the famed “Tech City”) we work with b2b clients from all over the world helping them better engage and retain their customers. If you are a bank, insurance company or a corporate selling financial services products please get in touch to better understand how AssetVault can grow the top line for your business and improve trust as well as life time value.


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